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How microtypography turns a text into a brand

Microtypographic details (or the mighty tiny details when working with fonts) are probably the supreme discipline in typesetting and brand design. Regardless of whether it is website design, brochure design, logo design or flyer design - a font is not only a transmitter of information, but a very important design element that conveys a feeling for the text and can massively increase the recognition value of a brand - sometimes even more than the logo design itself.

micro typography in brand design

We do not want to confuse you with typographical terms. Using some practical examples from our customers, we would like to show you how we use fonts to create special stylistic experiences for our customers.


The brand design of the holiday apartment group A CASA conveys a feeling of exclusivity and luxury. We achieved this by using a serif typeface called Cormorant Garamond by type designer Christian Thalmann. This serif font looks particularly elegant in upper case for headings.

In addition, we integrated elegant lines and logo elements for the individual holiday homes as an optical anchor point with the headings.

typography Brand Design
fonts Corporate Design

Legally required copy such as general terms and conditions, data privacy information and so on has to look great too. Brand design doesn't stop there. Even in a small font size, the typography has to transport the desired feeling.

micro typography Brand Design terms and conditions


Blickpunkt LKW & BUS is Austria's largest transport magazine. In addition to the brand design relaunch, we were also responsible for the new, adapted editorial design of the magazine.

The sans-serif font Akko by Japanese font designer Akira Kobayashi is used for the logo, headings and sub-headings. Akko is particularly strong when it comes to the bold style, making it a perfect fit for the transport and logistics industry.

The symbol that marks the end of the article is an element derived from the logo font for which Akko Pro was used. Individual but significant features of the brand design are subtly incorporated into the rest of the product.

font Design


A handwriting for the logo as well as specially highlighted headlines were particularly important in the brand design of Herbstfreude. After all, Herbstfreude is about humanity, cordiality and caring for (in particular old) people. Halo Handletter by Mario Arturo does a good job here.

Halo Handletter font

The serif font Literata by TypeTogether is used for the main copy to convey a feeling of calm and trust.

Particular attention is paid to the italic style, which stands out due to its extraordinary characteristics.

Literata font Brand Design

In addition to that, special ligatures and old-style numerals are very beautifully designed, which gives the copy a very special note. As you can see in the picture below, special ligatures are a special way of combining two consecutive letters. And old style figures are numbers (compared to uppercase figures) that fit harmoniously into the main copy to ensure a more pleasant reading flow.

special ligatures in typography

See more about it in this video (in German language):


Holzbau Wegscheider build houses from natural building materials wood and clay. Values such as durability, longevity and closeness to nature stand in the foreground here. This was achieved by using an impressive typeface called Vollkorn by type designer Friedrich Althausen - a typeface with a strong character.


In late 2020, e-Learning provider Spedifort hired us to redesign their brand to visualize the transition from a start-up to a premium provider. The sans-serif font Saira with its different styles combines serious objectivity with cool elegance and is ideal to give the brand an IT / tech touch.

micro typography for Brand Design Spedifort

Take a look at how weak and strong emphasized text looks like in the image above. Wide-spread, bold capital letters or capital letters in a light weight fit extremely well into the overall image of the brand and harmonize with all other design elements.

catalog Design Spedifort


Trattatello plays a major role in the logo design and brand design of Tirol Box. Trattatello is a beautiful decorative font that is reminiscent of handmade. This was important because Tirol Box almost exclusively contained products that were lovingly made by hand.

Logo Design Tirol Box

Trattatello typography Brand Design Tirol Box


When you read a text, the look of this text automatically must remind you of a certain brand. That's good brand design.


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