Digitization for Publishers

The publishing industry has been struggling for years with decreasing reach and - as a result - decreasing advertising income in the print segment. Digital add-on offers for print content are no longer an option, but compulsory for every publisher who wants to be fit for the future. In addition, digital add-on offers can be monetized better and better.

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There are numerous ways to start a digital magazine or to seriously address the topic of digital publishing:


A blog on a website (an online magazine so to speak) ensures more reach and longer visits to the website. This has a positive impact on the Google ranking of the publisher's website. Of course, the blog and the website must be SEO optimized accordingly. You can see examples of successful blogs by my customers on Blickpunkt LKW & BUS or Maxnhager.

Monetization ideas for an online magazine / blog:

  • paid PR blog articles

  • product placements

  • a paid members area for exclusive content

E paper:

Digital publishing with an e paper is also very popular and probably the most cost-effective way for a publisher to produce a digital magazine. The layout for the print magazine is created in Indesign anyway, the PDF file is generated for the printer. Publishers often provide this PDF file (in web-optimized resolution) as an e paper.

Monetization ideas for a digital magazine or an e paper:

  • e paper sale via an online shop on the website (see an example further down in this article)

  • subscription sales for an e paper directly on the website (see an example further down in this article)

App magazine:

The most professional way for digital publishing is providing an app including interactivity and multimedia features. Rich media at its best! Image slideshows, videos and other interactive elements smartly guide the reader through the app