Article-Based: The New App Design Format

As some of you might know, I grew up in a family of publishers. That's why I have a special affinity for magazine design. In addition to media design for print magazines, I have also been taking care of the digital publishing for my publishing clients for many years. This is how I contribute to digitization in the publishing industry.

I have been working with the Belgian software company Twixl for many years, before that with the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. From my personal experience I can say that Twixl provides the best solution for digital publishing.

The general technological progress also affects digitization for publishers of course. This is why all apps created with Twixl have been converted from a formerly magazine-based approach to an article-based approach. You can find out what that means in this article.

app design


May it be magazines, brochures or catalogues - they all have one thing in common: they are created in Indesign. The creative design process in publishing houses mainly takes place in Indesign.

As part of my App Design Service, I work with my Belgian software partner Twixl that offers the perfect interface between Indesign and the world of apps. So I create both print and app designs in Indesign, enrich them with interactive and multimedia elements (also in Indesign) and then manage and structure all content assets in the Twixl Distribution Platform in the course of my software license.

This ensures a smooth workflow from print to digital which is in the best interest of my customers. The combination of Indesign and Twixl is the ideal option to make content available on various platforms (print, app, web, mobile) - also from a financial perspective.

„One format to publish to print, to web and to mobile, adapting the layout per medium and being able to offer a captive reading experience. You need to adapt to the medium and to the user.“ Twixl Media