Do you know scratchcards?

The exciting feeling that grows as you’re scratching your coin

on a piece of paper and gradually more numbers become visible.

Imagine, you scratch your tablet with your finger, just like the piece of paper

with your coin. Also here, the excitement is growing and the photo of a sports car gradually appears – for example.

This scratchcard effect is only one of plenty of innovative rich media features that can be implemented in app magazines

for tablets and smart phones.

App magazines are a complex thing.

As an effortless copy of the print magazine, they turn into shelf warmers.

As an interactive and multimedia app, they turn into crowd-pleasers.


I design and implement innovative rich media publications for tablets and smart phones for B2C as well as B2B. No matter if it’s periodic magazines, a digital yearbook, an annual report, a sales brochure or an interactive catalogue being presented at a fair stand; almost everything can be designed with interactions and multimedia for tablets. I care for the entire process from creating the app including app icon and interaction buttons, to designing the publication, to implementing a smart and user-friendly navigation, to testing the app on mobile devices, to uploading it to the desired app store. Another speciality in digital publishing, what I find very important, is the reading flow that is very different on a tablet and smart phone, compared to print. User friendliness and ease of use are of very high priority when I design app magazines. This is much appreciated by my clients. 




 App magazines are still something quite new, this is why I am happy to spend extra time on consulting clients upfront; especially as the traditional "print thinking" should not be transferred to an app magazine. 



 All interactive buttons, the app icon, an intuitive navigation and an editorial design are created. Everything perfectly suits the target group and the topic of the publication. 



Many interactive functions as well as multimedia content like videos in high definition and photos are implemented. This is to make sure the reader really engages with the magazine content. 



I create an internal app and test all functions on the mobile device.

The clients also receive a preview of their app on their mobile device.



The app is uploaded to the desired app store. 

"We made a good decision to go with HCG for e-magazines, which were a new area of business for us. Miss Gamper consulted us competently and created the e-magazine creatively, professionally and in time. Also, she is always friendly and at our disposal for questions about e-magazines, apps and other topics. Working with Miss Gamper is great, the result is excellent. I’m happy to work on more projects with HCG!"


Heike Akküc, Spitta Verlag GmbH & Co. KG