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Product photography Tirol Box

Basically, I never had much to do with product photography. "Why should I? There are professional product photographers out there.", I thought. When Ashley Wiggins and I started Tirol Box, this changed very quickly. The monthly surprise boxes have to be revealed on a regular basis, so that website visitors see what products are featured in the latest Tirol Box.

As a film maker, co-founder Ashley Wiggins had his professional camera and lights equipment of course. So this was a good start already. Placing the products and looking for matching accessories, however, became my job.

As I had never dealt with product photography or shopping window dressing before, I really found this difficult in the beginning. But you always grow with challenges, I thought. In the past, I often came out with very good results even though I had not much or no experience at all about certain things. So why should I mess up the photos for Tirol Box?

Said and done. I arranged and placed the products and matching accessories. Here you can see the result for November 2016, December 2016 and January 2017.

November Tirol Box
December Tirol Box
January Tirol Box

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