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Basically, I never had much to do with product photography. "Why should I? There are professional product photographers out there.", I thought. When Ashley Wiggins and I started Tirol Box, this changed very quickly. The monthly surprise boxes have to be revealed on a regular basis, so that website visitors see what products are featured in the latest Tirol Box.

As a film maker, co-founder Ashley Wiggins had his professional camera and lights equipment of course. So this was a good start already. Placing the products and looking for matching accessories, however, became my job.

As I had never dealt with product photography or shopping window dressing before, I really found this difficult in the beginning. But you always grow with challenges, I thought. In the past, I often came out with very good results even though I had not much or no experience at all about certain things. So why should I mess up the photos for Tirol Box?

Said and done. I arranged and placed the products and matching accessories. Here you can see the result for November 2016, December 2016 and January 2017.

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