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Positive Outlook

2020 is over, 2021 is still in its infancy. A good opportunity to reflect on the past year, to appreciate the beautiful moments and to focus on a positive outlook for 2021.

In September 2020, I went on a great multi-day hiking trip in the Italian Dolomites, one of the most impressive and beautiful mountain ranges that I have ever seen (and I say that as a Tyrolean!). The tour was organized and hosted by my dear friend Karrie Gregson from Alpenboxx, whom I know from my Hot Yoga Studio Yogahealth.

We were a small, nice group of different nationalities, all living in Innsbruck: Karrie from Canada, Olli from Bavaria (Germany), Nolwenn from France, her husband Marek from Poland and I, the only Austrian.

hiking in the Dolomites with Alpenboxx

The starting point was the Passo Sella Resort - a fantastic resort in an equally fantastic location.

High up in the mountains you have a wonderful view. A lot is put into perspective when you change your perspective - what a lovely play on words ;-) ! A different point of view is always positive and also promotes creativity - so especially for me as a designer, hiking in the mountains is a great thing.

In the Dolomites I had some time to relax and to reflect on ten years of HCG corporate designs #10yearsHCG. Many doubts plagued me when I started my own business. Because: I started my graphic design business at the beginning of 2010, in the midst of the financial crisis, with just one customer. Not exactly the best conditions.

Today I run my one-person company in the 6-digit sales range, as a woman, in an industry with a lot of competition and dumping price providers. Okay, the one-person company status will change ;-).

What I have learned over the years - and I would like to pass this on to you as a blog reader: There are always people and companies who need good products and services and are willing to pay for them. The better your product or service, the more professional you are perceived (your brand design makes a significant contribution to this), the more your competitors will be left behind you. So if you're wondering why you should invest: Because you are investing in your future. And that's the best investment you can ever make.

The investment in this hiking holiday in the Dolomites was, too, one that I definitely wouldn't want to miss. I spent wonderful days in a beautiful landscape with wonderful people. Thanks at this point to Karrie, Olli, Nolwenn and Marek. And of course we must not forget about Lilli - Karrie and Olli's dog, who entertained us very well with her daring attempts to chase the marmots in the Dolomites.

(Video by Karrie Gregson / Alpenboxx)

Thanks to Karrie, Olli, Lilli, Nolwenn and Marek for this wonderful time together!

After a great 2020, I am now looking forward to 2021, in which many wonderful, creative design projects are waiting for me - and maybe another hike in the Dolomites. And of course I'm also looking forward to a generally more positive mood in the world out there, which will certainly come after all the turbulence of the past year. I am very certain about that.

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