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How Brand Design Makes You Succeed in Cross Channel Marketing

Everyone is talking about cross channel marketing. What sounds like a new, hyped buzz word from online marketing gurus, is basically what every company is facing sooner or later: placing one advertising campaign across many different advertising and communication channels.

brand design for cross channel marketing


Cross channel marketing is becoming the norm in today’s overstimulated world. Every day, we are confronted with thousands of advertising messages. This, of course, means that our attention span is getting shorter and shorter.

Do you remember the commercials of last night's TV program? Or the billboards on the side of the street as you drove to work today? Or that sponsored post on social media that you just scrolled over? No?

No need to worry. This is nowadays’ normality. The fact is: Many advertising campaigns simply are no longer noticed. Sad but true.


The precise advertising message as such is not as important as you might think, though. However, what really is (!) important is the brand being seen and perceived. The frequent perception of a brand is essential - whether consciously or subconsciously is secondary and quite irrelevant.

Much more important - not to say: the most important thing of all! - is the recognition value of a brand. Within a small moment it must be immediately clear which brand it is. This has a lot to do with psychology and - even more - with consistency and is not an easy thing to achieve.

A logo alone cannot achieve that - no chance. Therefore a logo alone is a waste of money. The ability to recognize a brand at first glance is only possible with the skillful interplay of colours, shapes, fonts, grids, images and other design elements. The professional use of all these elements working together perfectly is determined by a brand design. Of course, this also includes a logo, but not only that.

brand design for cross channel marketing

Think of a brand like a human body. The logo is the heart. The brand design makes all body functions work together. This is how the body can live. This is how the brand can live.


Fast pace, information overload, many different communication channels (both analogue and digital), a hectic everyday life and a continuously shrinking attention span of your target group - welcome to reality.

You want your cross channel marketing to succeed? A professional brand design builds the basis for your successful cross-channel marketing. Feel free to contact us.


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