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Exclusive benefits for our website clients

As a Wix Partner with years of experience, we benefit from quite a number of advantages when it comes to web design - whether classic Wix website design or fully responsive web design on Editor X.

And you know what? We are very happy to pass these competitive advantages on to our website clients. One of those benefits is exclusive access to great new website features before anyone else. We used this for two new websites for our Swiss customer LAUFEN.


A completely new type of hover interaction on Editor X gives us and our customer LAUFEN complete design freedom and more technical possibilities than we could ever wish for.

wix website design hover effect

Of course you could also integrate beautiful hover interactions into a classic Wix website. The new hover variant in Editor X however, which we have exclusive access to as a Wix Partner, not only enables hover actions, but also click actions as well as user-defined in and out animations, where the animation's timing can be precisely controlled to the nearest millisecond. The triggering elements (so-called "triggers") can now be set as desired and are no longer linked to the hover box itself. We also find the wide range of animation options for the trigger itself and not just the hover box really nice.

In addition to that, the content is 100% responsive. That means: It doesn't matter whether the text in a hover box is 2, 5 or 10 lines long, the associated hover box adapts fully automatically - whether on the desktop, tablet or mobile phone. This is 100% first-class web design that is really smart and basically “thinks for itself”.


A mobile website is extremely important; not only for your website visitors, but also for your website’s Google ranking. Of course, a hover interaction works differently on a mobile device (tablet or smartphone) than on the desktop version of a website. A hover interaction becomes a click or tap interaction.

However, it is also important to have a visual identifier so that the user knows that there is something to discover when they tap - on the desktop version of a website this is not absolutely necessary (depending on the brand design of course).

And this is where another advantage of Editor X comes into play: the mobile website's design is unlinked from the website design on larger screens (tablet and desktop). That is to say, the mobile website can look different from the tablet version, which can (again) look different from the desktop version of a website. More design freedom is not possible.


Forms ask website visitors to provide certain information about themselves. Depending on the complexity, forms can be a real challenge - not only for the website user but also for the website designer. Not so for us as a Wix Partner!

For our client LAUFEN, we implemented a complex form with if-then formulas on the new promotional website for In-Wash Roca®. Depending on the country selection, regions are displayed (Switzerland) or hidden (Liechtenstein).

An optional, third address can be specified at the end of the form. As you can see in the video, this optional section of the form is only expanded when the option above is ticked. Of course, the scroll length of the website also adjusts fully automatically - regardless of whether it is a desktop, tablet or smartphone view.

This is how professional web design works today. With complete freedom of design and first-class brand design.


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