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Coke in Thailand

I saw many great things in my recent Thailand holiday: golden temples, white temples, emerald buddhas, spas in the jungle, tropical paradise beaches, living shrimp salad, stink fruit juice and many other funny things.

As always when I travel, I was looking for outstanding designs and inspirations in Thailand. And once more it showed how important a consistent corporate design is. A corporate design guarantees a high value of brand recognition. Just take a look below: Despite the Thai font, I'm sure you know all these products (find the solution at the bottom of this blog post):


Red Bull has a special status as it originally comes from Thailand (it was made big worldwide by the Austrian entrepreneur Mr. Mateschitz). The Thai Red Bull also tastes very different! As it's very hip in Thailand to be like a European (skin whitening creme, eye operation etc.), the canned Red Bull - as we know it - is sold as "European Import" in Thailand:

red bull europe

Red Bull in the can: "Product of Europe"

red bull thailand

This is how the Thai Red Bull looks like. In our western culture, it reminds of medicine.

As you saw in this blog post, a logo alone is not everything. Only a consistent corporate design concept guarantees a value of brand recognition and thus generates the client's trust in the product. If you need a corporate design, send me an email and I'm happy to help you.

Solution product names (order like photos): Colgate Total, Fanta, Sprite, Coca Cola Zero, Danone Actimel.


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