Christmas Card Design 2020

2020 was without a doubt one of the most extraordinary years for all of us - both on a business and personal level. That's why I came up with something very special for this year’s Christmas card design for my customers.

christmas card design

All of my customers received a lovingly designed Christmas card with Christmas or winter icons in the background. And if you look very closely, you will discover an icon for hand washing and an icon for mouth and nose protection - a humorous integration of the Corona protective measures into the Christmas card design.

christmas card design icons

Since many people's skin is irritated by all the disinfecting and hand washing, I thought to myself: How about a treat for the skin of my customers? So I contacted the soap manufacturer Jochen Neururer, a good old friend from the Ötztal valley in Tyrol, who makes wonderful natural soaps by hand. Some may know him from the start-up show "2 Minuten 2 Millionen".

natural soap

organic soap