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Flexible Logo Design

In spring 2019, I created the new corporate design for A CASA, a 4 star group renting out holiday apartments in and around Sölden (Tirol). This re-branding should visually communicate the big shift from the middle class segment to the premium segment.

re-branding hotel logo corporate design

The continuously rising success of A CASA luxury apartments is resulting in more and more holiday destinations for Tirol lovers.

Consequently, I was hired to design the logo for a new apartment house half a year after the re-branding (in October 2019). As the A CASA logo system had been set up in a flexible way from the start, designing the logo for the new "Lakeside by A CASA" house was not a big deal. This is the beauty of a flexible logo system > visual harmony, less time effort, less financial effort.

lakesidy by a casa hotel logo

lakesidy by a casa hotel logo

In addition to that, the "Restaurant Ischia" opened its doors in one of the A CASA houses, and I was asked to design the logo for this restaurant too. It was important to show that Restaurant Ischia belongs to the A CASA group.

restaurant logo design

restaurant logo design

Fancy to get your own flexible logo? Click here.

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