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Corporate Design for Dr. Gasser-Puck

Dr. Kerstin Gasser-Puck is a general practitioner and takes over the surgery of her father in 2017. In addition to the usual work in her surgery, she also supports old people’s homes and does plastering, x-rays etc. in her "mini clinic" in the countryside. Besides that, she operates her own pharmacy as well. The perfect combination of academic medicine and complementary medicine as well as the high-quality care for her patients are very important to the doctor. In order to inaugurate the third generation, I developed a holistic corporate design concept incl. various print materials. Mrs. Dr. Gasser-Puck wants to keep existing customers and win new, young patients. A modern, professional and friendly look shall generate a positive atmosphere in which the patients feel good.

corporate design surgery

You can see all the details about this great project in my portfolio.

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