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A new design for Innsbruck Airport

I’ve been to Innsbruck airport recently and I was positively surprised when looking up to the tower: the airport is now called INNS’BRUCK AIRPORT instead of "Flughafen Innsbruck", what people not speaking German never understood. The new logo goes hand in hand with the city’s tourism marketing and the logo of the city of INNS’BRUCK.

From a designer’s point of view, the old logo was an absolute catastrophy, so it really was time for something new and fresh.

innsbruck airport old logo

old logo

This is the new logo on the tower that was presented mid of March:

innsbruck airport new logo

new logo

(Copyright: Maximilian Gruber, Quelle:

The INNS’BRUCK city logo was implemented perfectly into the new airport logo. The blue colour matches the feel of an airport, but the grey colour is not very wise to use here. Apart from that colour mistake, the secondary style elements like the photos and white spaces cut atilt were perfectly implemented into the airport’s new visual appearance. If you like these tilted shapes or not, is another topic and who knows what they stand for anyway. Maybe the harsh Tyrolean mountains surrounding the city of Innsbruck? Who knows ...

innsbruck website

website city of Innsbruck

innsbruck airport website

website Innsbruck airport

innsbruck airport brochure
innsbruck airport brochure


If you want to see more of the new corporate design of INNS’BRUCK AIRPORT, check out this online brochure.

For a professional corporate design for you, simply send me an email and get a free quote.

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