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How disappointing are discounters? A selftest.

Even after the multimedia and computer discounter Saturn had got rid of its slogan "Geiz ist geil" (translates "Tight is right."), the "tight is right" mentality still lives in some parts of our society like an undefeatable bacteria. So it is not suprising that there is a new discounter in the design field: Tailor Brands. Just one thing beforehand: Tailor Brands does not do corporate designs but only logos. A visual identity or a successful branding is not even offered by Tailor Brands. Minimal effort for maximum success? Aha.

Alright. I wanted to test it and find out how good or bad Tailor Brands really is. Based on my own business HCG corporate designs, I chucked on the automatic logo creation machine on the internet, because I wanted to see how the HCG corporate designs logo would look like according to the Tailor Brands algorithm. What is positive, is the fact that Tailor Brands seems to understand that a logo is not just a nice looking symbol but requires more background information. But Tailor Brands stops exactly there. The name, the business and a few keywords are apparently enough to generate a logo. Many "industry standards" are scanned through to create my logo.

Industry standards? What? A logo has to transport the USP, the unique selling proposition and what makes the business stand out from the competitors. The opposite of that is industry standards. Tailor Brands obviously thinks that I as a designer should have a logo that looks similar to another designer’s logo. By then, my mind filled with design expertise got very frightened. I augured ill.

And that’s exactly how it turned out to be: The logo result didn’t surprise me as a designer. However, the level of unprofessionality was shocking. Tailor Brands chucked a logo on my screen that had zero message, didn’t transport my business’ philosophy, was full of typographic mistakes, had a horrible kerning, an unprofessional size ratio between logo type and symbol and to make matters worse, the logo looked like as if I had a bakery but not a design agency.

Correct logo

Logo crated by Tailor Brands

Conclusion: Years of design expertise, complex situations and understanding the company’s philosophy, target groups and future plans simply cannot be replaced by an automatic algorithm on the internet. This was once again proven – this time by Tailor Brands. Thanks for that confirmation, Tailor Brands.

You also want a professional corporate design? Simply send me an email!

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