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Deutscher Verpackungspreis 2013 (German Packaging Prize 2013)

The Deutscher Verpackungspreis (German Packaging Prize) 2013 has been awarded. Here, I want to show you some of the winners.


absolut vodka packaging

Everybody knows the vodka brand ABSOLUT VODKA. In a very complex procedure, four million unique vodka bottles have been produced, whereas no bottle looks like another one. Different colour layers and patterns have made every bottle unique. The thought of giving every Absolut Vodka consumer an individually designed bottle (with collector’s value?) is outstanding. Submitter: Ardagh MP West France SAS Designer: Family Business Producer: Ardagh Group User: The Absolut Company


combidome juice packaging

For this product, the advantages of cardboard packaging (low weight, easy to recycle, durable) are perfectly combined with the advantages of packaging for a bottle. Everyone who has used the ordinary standard carton, is well aware of the difficulties to try and get the last drops of a favourite drink. This unique, bottle-neck shaped design is the perfect solution. Submitter: SIG International Services GmbH Designer: SIG Combibloc Producer: SIG Combibloc User: riha Wesergold Getränke GmbH & Co. KG


alverde cosmetics packaging

Okay, these packaging designs are not very outstanding. But, organic ingredients and the organic/health aspect play a major (sales) role for alverde Naturkosmetik (natural cosmetics). The cardboard box consists of 80% recycled material, it was printed with mineral oil free, organic offset print colours (only renewable raw materials were used for producing these colours). The CO2 footprint is 76% smaller than with ordinary cardboard boxes. The organic theme was spread over the entire packaging process, which resulted in being awarded. Submitter: Carl Edelmann GmbH Designer: khdesign GmbH Offenbach Producer: Carl Edelmann GmbH User: dm-drogerie markt GmbH & Co. KG


chocole packaging

These chocolate sticks are fantastically presented thanks to a round can packaging design made of cardboard, it looks very inviting. The high convenience factor brought this innovative, yet simple looking design an award. Submitter: Griesson De Beukelaer GmbH & Co. KG Designer: Griesson De Beukelaer, Van Genechten Packaging Producer: Van Genechten Nicolaus, Köln User: Griesson De Beukelaer


This packaging design was used for promoting a photo contest for sports and action photography. When opening the box (kept together with a magnet), the word „enlightened“ lights up. At the same time you hear the sound of a flash. This experience takes you directly into the world of photography. Submitter: Karl Knauer KG Designer: zooom production GmbH (Gestalter), Karl Knauer KG (Entwickler) Producer: Karl Knauer KG, Rox Asia Consultancy Ltd. User: Red Bull

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