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The new Corporate Design of Munich Airport

Munich Airport has a new corporate design, with a new logo, a new claim, new colours, new secondary style elements and a new typography.


logo munich airport

The old "M" remained and the coloured slant shall symbolize the new claim "Living ideas - Connecting lives".


munich airport font

The font Munich Airport Pro specifically developed for Munich Airport is clear, straight and all in all a beautiful sans serif font. But: Isn't the € sign missing? It's nice to think of the $ sign. However, the font for a German airport should definitely feature the € sign.


Using four different colours makes the logo more flexible, so the trend towards flexible logos has been taken into account. However, it seems like the designer has desperately tried to include different colours just for the sake of it, but forgot about the meaning behind the colours. On the website of Munich Airport you can select your favourite colour for displaying certain parts of the website - depending on your personal taste. But every colour should transport a certain message or a certain business unit - this has been neglected completely.

munich airport website

Website: At the top centre, you can select your favourite colour. PICTURES

A very positive thing is the usage of emotional pictures. The photo pairs tell a story and the secondary style element (the slant of the M majuscule) smartly divides the photo pairs. Besides that, the slant direction from the bottom left to the top right transports a feel for dynamics that every airport should transport. Well done!


The new corporate design of Munich Airport is good and modern. Using different colours without meaning, however, seems forced. In general, it leaves the question of a USP - a unique selling proposition. The new corporate design could also stand for plenty of other companies. Munich Airport wants to sell itself as a unique airport and its new corporate design does not do that. But: How "unique" can an airport really be? The target group has an "open end". This is why it makes sense to reduce it to a common denominator, but a bit more uniqueness would have been nice indeed.


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