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How to get a Professional Website with Top Design and Google Setup - without programming

In fall 2020 we ran a live webinar on branding and website design with Wix. Because: For some entrepreneurs, the decision for a website provider feels like a kind of "forced marriage" with a spouse they hardly know. After all, logo design, brand design, website design and all the rest that goes with a professional company appearance is completely new territory for every entrepreneur at least once in their life. A certain amount of nervousness is completely normal when it comes to this topic.

A few weeks before the webinar, we conducted a small survey and wanted to know what entrepreneurs were really thinking about a lot. The biggest unknown "X" was which website provider you should choose when you are about to start a new website. That's why we ran this webinar.

The feedback from the participants was very positive and we were still being asked about it weeks later. We have now improved the webinar, added some new features (for example insights into Editor X) and use real live examples from our daily design agency practice to show what is possible with Wix and Editor X, which features are best suited for different scenarios and where we can specifically help. In short: a popular "on demand" webinar that you don't want to miss out on.


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