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Google+ turns white into grey

Yes, that’s right. Google+ seems to have a design bug that is quite awkward. I want to show you this problem with an example.

Original picture:

logo zahnarztpraxis petzak

This is how the picture looks like when posted on Google+:

Google+ turns white backgrounds in photos grey. Maybe this has to do with the fact that Google+ (like Facebook by the way!) places the picture description on top of the picture in white font, like you can see here:

It is very strange, if you ask me. You post a picture with a white background on Google+ and all of a sudden it has become grey. Horrible!

You can only solve this problem when you know how to use Adobe Photoshop (or another similar program). This is how I solved this problem: Take a screenshot of the original photo with white background Open it in Photoshop Cut the picture accordingly Save the picture as a png file Job done!


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