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Generative Design: First Experiences with P5

On 28 and 29 February 2020, Martin Grödl from Process - Studio for Art and Design OG (Vienna, Austria) held an exciting workshop on generative design in the WEI SRAUM Designforum Tirol.

As I’m a big fan of data visualization (in a private and business aspect!) and create great infographic designs for my clients, that workshop of course caught my interest within a second.


I personally would describe the term "generative design" most probably like this: Data is visualized systematically based on design parameters you define. Those definitions happen via programming in JavaScript or other coding languages. The data can be displayed in a static or interactive way, you can for example hover the mouse over an element or click an element.

We learned some basics of P5 which belongs to the Processing coding language and created some simple designs. A few of my very first P5 sketches can be seen below. Please click on each image to open it in a separate window to see the interactive animation work. Hover over with your mouse and have fun!

I’m most proud of my smilie that I came up with during a break (please click on the smilie):

Nothing compares to having some fun while programming, right? ;-)


The workshop was well received and fully booked. That once more shows how important data visualization has become. This is not surprising thinking of the amount of data being generated, stored and processed daily worldwide.

Martin Grödl and WEI SRAUM gave us workshop participants some great and hands-on insights into generative design with P5. Thank you!

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