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Promoting magazines in an app

Multi-issue apps contain several catalogues or magazine issues within one app. In such apps, it’s possible to feature an issue by displaying it in a larger size at the top of the app.

For two of my clients, it looks like this:

feature app magazine promotion on a tablet
feature app magazine promotion on a phone

feature app magazine promotion on a tablet with login function

The last example shows a login bar at the top of the screen. For this client, I included a login function for existing subscribers of the print magazine. When purchasing a print subscription, the reader is allocated a user name and password which he can use to log in the app to get access to the app magazines - without paying extra for them. Besides that, it’s also possible to buy separate magazine issues from within the app without having to purchase a subscription.

As the app developer, I send push notifications (like a whatsapp or SMS) to all mobile devices in the name of my client (the publisher in most cases). This way, I can additionally promote every issue. This works of course for Android, iOS, tablets and phones. The reader swipes once and opens up the equivalent magazine issue.

You can find more information on my app magazine service by clicking here .

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