Mobile website vs. app – what’s better?

(This blog article was updated on 2 January 2018.)

Asking if a mobile website or an app is a better option for you, you won’t get one clear answer. It always depends on the exact case. However, this blog article delivers you some useful tips so you can find out what’s best for you.

mobile website vs. app


A mobile website is accessible for everybody. An app has to be downloaded first – a little extra effort compared to the mobile website.


It’s great when you post news or new photos on your mobile website. But: How do these news find their way to your target group? A website update is not communicated to people. Wishes like "visit our website more often for regular updates" are seldom read and even more seldom fulfilled.

Apps work completely different in this matter: Push Notifications (somewhat an SMS from the app to the smartphone) can automatically notify app users of updates like "see our exclusive report about XY now in our app". This is a big advantage when you think of mobile app vs. website.