WordPress vs. Wix: What is better?

(This blog article was updated on 2 January 2018.)

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Most entrepreneurs (sometimes also private people) come across one specific question at some point: How do I get my own website? In this blog article, I’ll share my personal experiences about Wordpress and Wix with you.

As regards IT, my focus lies on implementing and designing apps for mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones for iOS and Android. But when it comes to programming websites, I don’t belong to the „IT species“. Hence: Every time I needed a website for me or my clients, I had to hire IT experts from outside or create the website myself without any hard-coding knowledge. A major factor here is the CMS for the website. My experiences cover the following website systems:

(As the Typo3 website was implemented several years ago, my experiences would not be very up-to-date, so I focus on Wordpress and Wix here.)

In the beginning I always had to raise the question what the website has to do, how complex does the backend have to be and how would the design look like. A pure info page or a web "business card" don’t need to be as complex as an online shop where you have to consider data security, payment methods and stock numbers. A very complex website, like Tirol Box, required hiring several programmers that were Wordpress-savvy. Even the programmer of our bank was involved as the payment system had to be programmed specifically for our needs.

After switching the website live, you have to care about the ongoing administration of it. I personally always want to administrate websites myself. I also recommend that to my clients. Unfortunately, I often hear that companies are very unhappy with their website programmers – also I had to go throu