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The cat is out of the bag: Tirol Box is live!

Tirol Box is an idea that I had in the beginning of 2016. Together with Ashley Wiggins, it was developed further and the Gamper & Wiggins OG was founded. After nine months of hard work and "blood, sweat and tears", we leave the cat out of the bag: Tirol Box is live!

Tirol Box is a monthly subscription box that delivers high-quality and mostly handmade products directly from Tirol to your doorstep - we deliver in many European countries by the way! Many of the products in our boxes are hard to find, especially when you don’t live in Austria. Most products are especially produced for the boxes, this makes the number of Tirol Boxes limited.

The logo design was inspired by the Serles mountain in the Stubai Valley. Its mighty greatness is very visible from Innsbruck and surrounding areas. This mountain was not only chosen for its location and visual greatness, but also the origin of its name. The myth goes that a brutally angry knight called Serles and his two sons were turned to stone after a farmer cursed them for their evil and barbaric tendencies. Where the knight’s castle once stood, now stands the Serles mountain with one large peak and two small peaks either side.

All the details about the branding and corporate design of Tirol Box will be revealed in a separate portfolio page on HCG corporate designs, as always - in a few weeks you’ll find out more.

In the meantime, I invite you to have a look at the website and enjoy it as much as we do.

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