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Great panoramas with photomerge

Sometimes you just can’t get a whole object onto one photo. This can be quite frustrating. However, Photoshop can help! The photomerge function (File – Automate – Photomerge) merges several photos that belong together into one picture. Of course you need to have several single photos that you took in a row and will serve photomerge as puzzle pieces.

Here you see some raw photos that photomerge has automatically merged for me. These photos really are totally un-edited!

schmitz cargobull photo merge
photo merge
new holland photo merge
photo merge bus
bus photo merge
tractor photo merge

Some horizontal panoramas have a slight fish eye lens effect in the centre, which can make certain objects in the photo look blown up. Depending on the photo and what story you want to tell with it, this can be a nice visual effect. Especially since the GoPro cameras have become so successful, the fish eye lense experiences a revival – not only in videos. However, if you wish to get rid of that fish eye effect, you can edit the picture in Photoshop accordingly. Go to Edit – Transform – Image Warp. You need some patience and a good eye for that though.

As you can see, photomerge is a great function that can be used with ease. Go outside, take photos of a beautiful landscape and try merging photos yourself!

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photo lab
photo lab
20 août 2020

Angesichts des Themas möchte ich meinen Blog zum Thema Photoshop-Tipps für Anfänger teilen. Ich erwarte Feedback, da es zu diesem Thema viele Informationen gibt

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