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A beautiful end

We all know it: the symbol that marks the end of an article in a magazine. Mostly, this symbol is a rectangle or a circle. But depending on the layout of the magazine, there are also other symbols that can look really good. In this blog post I want to show you some great examples from my own work and work of other graphic designers.

architecture magazine

Architektur-Magazin (free project). Editorial design: HCG corporate designs

aussenwirtschafts magazine

Aussenwirtschaft Magazin. Editorial Design: buero8

blickpunkt lkw bus magazine

Blickpunkt LKW+BUS. Editorial Design: HCG corporate designs

downdays magazine

Downdays. Editorial Design: Floyd E. Schulze

flgn tlt magazine

FLGNTLT. Editorial Design: HCG corporate designs

modulor magazine

Modulor. Editorial Design: Moritz Ulrich

novum magazine

Novum. Editorial Design: Oliver Klyne

vice magazine

Vice. Editorial Design:

wohnrevue magazine

Wohnrevue. Editorial Design: Lianel Spengler

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