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10 things to avoid when publishing a magazine on a tablet

A publisher decides to offer his magazines also for tablets in various app stores. Great idea! In order to execute this challenging task successfully, you need an app magazine expert who also knows about processes that are typical for publishing companies.

Here are 10 things to avoid when publishing a magazine on a tablet:

1. BAD NAVIGATION With a print magazine, the reader knows to turn the page to continue reading. With an app magazine, there are twice as many options where to swipe to. Without a good guidance system, the reader might get lost.

2. TOO MANY ANIMATIONS Flashing buttons that clutter the page are annoying for many readers. Animations supporting the content are good, but not just for the sake of having them.

3. TOO MUCH COPY As tablet screens are back-lit, the reader’s eyes become tired more easily compared to print-reading. It might be worth reducing the amount of copy a bit.

4. TOO SMALL FONTS Attention: 1 page print magazine does not equal 1 page app magazine! The copy on tablet screens should be bigger than in the print magazine to improve readability. This results in a smaller amount of copy on 1 tablet page than on 1 print page. If you use too small fonts, readers have to zoom in and out what is not very convenient.

5. NOT ENOUGH PHOTOS Tablet magazines need multimedia fodder to make the app even more interesting for your readers.

6. PRINT PDF COPY IN THE APP Producing an app magazine on a regular basis, costs money. This money has to be earned! If your app is a 1-to-1-copy of your print PDF (incl. advertisements), you lose out on converting paying print advertisement clients into paying app advertisement clients. No income with the app = no budget to create a great app magazine and to earn good money.

7. PHOTOS WITH 72 DPI A tablet is a digital device. Yes. For digital devices you need photos with a resolution of 72 dpi. Yes and no. With 72 dpi you won’t go far on an iPad with Retina display. Here you need 200 dpi. And please: Tablet magazines with mini photos are spooky!

8. LINKS TO WEBSITES NOT OPTIMIZED FOR TABLETS Only link to websites that are optimized for tablets. Remember: Your app is viewed on a tablet!

9. TOO LITTLE INTERACTIVE FEATURES Tablets have a TOUCH screen. So let your readers touch the content and add interactive features to your magazine. Also, Apple might not even approve your app for the app store unless your app has something interactive to show. And: You wanted to offer an app magazine, so provide interactivities! Otherwise, you might as well stay with print only.

10. NO CONSISTENT BUTTON DESIGN Usability is very important. This is why you should have a consistent design for your interactive buttons.

Offer your publications as an app! Simply send me an email and I’ll be happy to help you.

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