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The Designs of Festivals - Part 5

The infamous Glastonbury festival takes place in Great Britain every year (this year from 25 to 29 June). I saw a poster with some confirmed live acts. As soon as I saw that poster, I thought of an advertisement for a BBQ sauce or a BBQ party. Black, red, white combined with Stencil like fonts is not really a good idea. What did the designer think when doing this? I would not want to know. Also, the official Glastonbury poster is a shock moment for the eyes. A pro could not have done this – maybe a designer that retired 10 years ago. But: The website definitely makes up for that design faux pas! A great and consistent typography scheme and colours that perfectly match make the website look just fantastic. It transports a vintage and hippie style feeling what stands for the festival.

glastonbury poster

Poster: Flop

glastonbury poster

Poster: Flop (BBQ sauce or festival? Who knows.)

glastonbury website
glastonbury website

Website: Top!

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