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The Designs of Festivals - Part 1

In this and my upcoming blog posts over the next weeks, I want to show you some web and poster designs of some great festivals. Let’s start with Mardi Gras (4 March 2014) that takes place in New Orleans (USA) every year. It’s indeed a very colourful and carnivalesque festival. You can’t deny the European origin from the Medieval Times. The purple colour gives a feel of magic and fantasy which is great. Also the combination with the green colour is okay. However, the green is too dark and when you scroll down to the bottom of the website, you see that the dark green looks very old-fashioned and not nice. Tradition and vintage yes, but old-fashioned? Please not! Instead of dark green, the designer should have chosen another colour or another shade of green.

In my next blog post I feature a festival in Belgium by the way ...

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