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Youtube One Channels: The new Youtube design is here!

After Google+ has launched a new design, Youtube has launched a new design too (again) on 5 June 2013. The name of the new design: Youtube One Channel.


- correct banner design size / correct channel design on all devices (iPhone, Android smart phone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, laptop, PC or TV). This is called „cross device branding“. - an optional channel trailer for all users that have not subscribed to your Youtube channel yet.


Unless you are a close Youtube partner, nearly all branding possibilities have been removed. A big individual background picture is not possible anymore. Now, you only see a simple banner. But don’t underestimate this banner! It only shows you a small part of a big picture that is completely visible on a TV screen.

Example old: This was my Youtube channel with the old design:

youtube old

Example new: This is my Youtube channel with the new design:

youtube new

When uploading banners on Youtube, make sure these banners have twice as many pixels as you would normally have for ordinary PC or laptop screens. Retina displays show pictures in a resolution that is twice as high and those Retina displays are becoming more and more popular!

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