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Back to quality - really?

The researchers and scientists of the German Gruppe Nymphenburg have conducted a study about „quality eating“. The result: More and more people (especially in middle and higher education classes) are becoming „quality eaters“ and are willing to pay more for quality food. This is not surprising when thinking of food scandals.

Dumping prices used to be super cool a few years ago, nowadays they are not that cool any more. Food giants have understood that and not only the steadily rising number of quality eaters had an impact on that. Many companies (no matter what business) have calculated against themselves and put their dumping price competitors’ price politics above their own accounting. Adding that to decreasing sales in the economy crisis of the past years, it resulted in many businesses going bancrupt. Dropping prices for being more competitive often had a negative influence on quality (worse resources, less motivated employees that make more mistakes and offer worse customer service, employees with poor education) - clients had to swallow all this. And clients had to swallow a lot of it. The trend towards more quality awareness is thus a logical result – this accounts for many businesses, not only for the food industry!

Clients are desperate to get quality again and understand more and more that quality has to have a fair price. This is a good sign I think and „quality eaters“ are just the beginning!

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