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Brand Design

Kick-start your business with more financial scope.

for bookings until 30 June 2020 - monthly payment not available any more


These challenging times are forcing many people to take a break. Many of them have been thinking about starting their own business for months or even years. Some just have started now to think about becoming their own boss.


Are you one of them?

You can now proactively use this time to realize your vision of starting your own business. Now is the best time for re-orientation. Now is the best time for resetting your life and making your dream of starting your own business a reality.


A first-class brand design very much contributes to your entrepreneurial success and puts your business on a professional level from the very start.



You get a first-class brand design (from the logo to the final website) within one to two months. If you book me by 30 June 2020, you are entitled to the monthly payment plan: After a 25 % downpayment, you pay back the rest in twelve equal monthly instalments - for more liquidity and financial scope for your start-up.

A first-class brand design massively contributes to your entrepreneurial success and puts your business onto a professional level right from the start, so you don't waste time. I translate your vision into a fully customized corporate design that your target group understands. Your first-class brand design will contribute to making your clients buy into your products, services and business as a whole, from the first touch point, from the first website visit.

In addition to the logo, which is the heart of the brand design, there is also a harmonious colour scheme and a coherent typography concept for a unique and distinctive look and feel in your copy. Your first-class brand design also includes secondary style elements which serve as a visual constant going through your entire communication.


On top of that, you'll receive a handy PDF style guide that documents the brand design in an easy and understandable way. This allows for transparency, makes you stay independent as an entrepreneur and will serve your business for many years to come.

After your brand design is created, you will receive further designs as you wish: flyers, brochures, a fair stand design, car sticker design and of course your website - no matter if you need a slick landing page or a complex website with online shop.

Hard at Work

"But I don't need a corporate design, I just need a logo and a simple website."

Many people say this and quickly create something themselves or hire a cheap designer. Ten years experience and plenty of "cries for help" have shown me that those often end up with a suboptimal brand design that prevents their businesses from being perceived as professional or "good enough". In the end, they lose precious time and can suffer from profit losses. This is why I don't offer logos alone, but a brand design from A to Z. It will put your business on a professional level from the start, which saves you time and money.

Brand Design

A logo is a symbol.

A corporate design creates a feeling.

It’s feelings that convert people into customers.


Enjoy more financial scope despite using my service straight away. The monthly payment plan gives you and your business more liquidity in these challenging times.


You are entitled to a 100 % price security: There won't be any price changes or hidden costs arising during the monthly payment period. Promised.



The monthly payment will be automatically executed - no matter if via PayPal, credit or debit card. You don't have to deal with anything. After twelve paid months, the payment cycle automatically terminates.


All use of rights are priced depending on regionality. Hence: The bakery next door pays less for use of rights than the consulting business operating on a national level which, again, pays less than an international corporation.


Briefing talks and meetings take place without personal contact as video conference via Skype, Zoom or TeamViewer. Of course, we can also communicate via telephone and email.


As an additional bonus, the start of the monthly payment can be shifted back for up to two months upon request - without any surcharge. This gives you 60 more days of even more financial scope. At no extra cost. Promised.

An absolute pro with heart, know-how and a lot of sensitivity. A competent and pro-active partner that I definitely want to recommend. I'm loooking forward to our next project.

Egon Raffaelli, owner & CEO Raffaelli Consulting

Bolzano, Italy


at least 3 to 5 logo drafts, 100 % individually drawn (of which 1 gets finalized as your logo)

colour concept for print and digital usage incl. all relevant colour codes for real colour security in print and on screens

typography concept for perfectly using your fonts (macro- and micro-typography)

secondary style elements that serve as a visual constant throughout your brand design in all communication channels

principle of order which determines the placement of various design elements for a consistent look and feel (no matter if business card or website)

PDF style guide (approx. 10 to 20 pages) which documents your brand design in a transparent and easy way. This makes sure that your brand design can correctly be applied to all communication channels - may it be flyers, car stickers, website, business cards or a fair stand.

Additionally, you can of course book further designs for flyers, business cards, document templates, car stickers, website (may it be a slick landing page or a complex website including online shop).

A brand design starts at € 4,350.- (without website) or € 6,300.- (with a simple website). The exact price depends on your individual needs.



Get your individual brand design quote in just a few steps: Fill out and submit the form to receive your individual brand design offer within only 24 hours (weekdays).



Brand Design
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You have questions or simply prefer talking to me in person about your project? Book your free information call here.


I don't offer refunds. You can make yourself a picture about the quality of my work in my portfolio and when reading my clients' feedbacks. If you don't like what you see in my portfolio or if you don't like what customers say about me, please don't hire me.
All my designs are individually crafted to tailor my clients' needs and I put a lot of love and passion into my work. The price of my service makes sure I can keep the quality of my work at a high level.
Furthermore, I don't guarantee that your start-up will actually make a lot of profit. Your profits depend on many factors, such as the quality of your products or services. However, a professional brand design increases your chances for sustainable success.

"Why shall I invest in times of a crisis?"

I started my graphic design business in the beginning of 2010, in the midst of the financial crisis, with only one client. Now, I run a six-figure business, as a female single entrepreneur in a business sector that is highly competitive and often called "price-sensitive". Trust me: There are always people and companies who need good products and services and are willing to pay for it. The better your product or service, the more professional you are perceived (your brand design massively contributes to that!), the more likely you win over your competitors. So if you ask yoursef, why to invest in times of a crisis: Because you're investing in your future and making your vision of entrepreneurship come to life. Ultimately, you're investing in yourself which is the best investment you can ever make.


"I can't afford it!"

This is why I offer you this monthly payment option to give you much more time to pay the investment back, while still starting to use my service right now. So you can start earning money with your own business before you have paid back the investment in your brand. A professional brand design will put your business in a position in which you can charge higher prices from the start. People are willing to spend more money on businesses that look top-notch.

Hello, my name is Helene Clara Gamper. I'm a corporate designer and believe in the power of the "rote Faden", which is German and means "the red line". This is a saying in German and translates something like "the central theme". This is why you see a red line in my logo. 

In the past ten years, I developed numerous first-class brand designs (from the logo to the final website) for national as well as international start-ups in various industries - from the corporate design for a single entrepreneur to an international multimedia business.

As one of only approx. 100 designers in Austria and Germany, I am certified by "initiative corporate design", an ExpertsCluster by designaustria. This means, I commit myself to comply with high, pre-defined quality standards when creating a brand design. This is my quality promise to you.

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