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We are a design agency based in the heart of Europe, designing for international B2B clients. My name is Helene Clara Gamper and I'm the founder and creative head of HCG corporate designs. A highly motivated team of specialized freelancers in different fields supports me in order to offer the highest quality possible for our clients.


I believe in the power of the "rote Faden", which is German and means "the red line". This is a saying in German and translates something like "the central theme". This is why you see a red line in our logo. We help businesses create their visual identities, translate data into fascinating infographic designs and support publishers to make their magazines look stunning.

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I grew up in a publisher family, graduated the HAK (an Austrian business academy) with the highest score in the country (my perfectionism came through at a young age already) and then worked in quality and process management for about eight years which helps me now to understand our clients and the situations they are in even better.

About 15 years ago I started working in the creative field what in 2010 made me start my own business called HCG corporate designs.


Since then, I have designed for companies of many sizes from the German speaking area but also from other countries such as the USA or the United Kingdom. Business was constantly growing, so I'm now working with a great team behind me. As the creative mind behind HCG corporate designs, I create brand design concepts for start-ups, scale-ups and established businesses, develop magazine layout designs for publishers, design and implement rich media magazines for tablets and smart phones and visualize complex data for great data visualizations and infographics.

HCG corporate designs is awarded with the quality seal of init cd, which means we're certified and obliged to commit ourselves to work in accordance with high, pre-defined quality standards when developing corporate identity designs. Our clients benefit a lot from these high quality standards. Typography schemes we create, are based on the Beinert font matrix which I learned in trainings with Wolfgang Beinert, one of Germany's most renowned typography experts and founder of the German font lexicon .

When creating a branding, we always try to get to the very essence of the corporate identity / the character and the philosophy behind our clients’ businesses and their products. This essence we include in a holistic brand design approach, that follows us through the entire branding process. This is how we develop unique visual branding concepts with a common thread running through them, which is something we're really passionate about. This "common thread" and consistency that runs through the entire visual branding communication and is something that generates trust among the target group. And ultimately, trust turns people into customers.

It puts a smile on our face when we see people respond and interact with our design creations – and when our clients tell us about that. You can see some of our branding, webdesign and infographic work in our portfolio.

Most of our clients say they appreciate our time-efficient style of working, our transparency and the professional communication with us. We believe that being open and straight with clients is a matter of fairness and respect and contributes to a positive and successful collaboration. Using digital tools wisely, we make sure to fully respect and value precious time – on a client side and on our side.


When I’m not designing you can find me doing sports, exploring nature or travelling. I get a lot of inspiration from seeing different places, doing new things or trying out new recipes with exotic spices I bought from different corners of the globe. In 2014, I fulfilled one of my biggest dreams: visiting the giant tortoises of the Galapagos Islands. Travelling through Peru, Ecuador and the Galapagos National Park was a truly magical experience.


I live in the wonderful city of Innsbruck, Austria, the so-called "Capital of the Alps". The lovely scenery here inspires me every day, in our blog you can see why. 


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Want to work together? We'd love to hear from you. We usually respond within 24 hours (weekdays). If you have a large project, please get in touch with us early enough, because we're often booked for current design projects for up to two months.

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