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Video strips are a trendy eye-catcher on websites

Video strips on websites are a growing trend that is implemented by more and more companies. I’m sure we will see such video strips also beyond 2017 and many static picture strips will be replaced by them.

At the start of 2015, I implemented a video strip on the starting page of my own website.

The great thing about such video strips: They bring static pictures to life and catch the website visitor’s attention in an instant. This reduces the bounce rate and increases the time people stay on a website, what can have a positive influence on sales (i.e. in an online shop). Besides that, video strips can transport emotions better than static pictures.

But of course not only I implemented it. Some other websites that want to impress their visitors successfully follow this trend too:

Berghof Hotel Lech (please click on the links below):

How do you do that?

Required software:

I A website that allows embedding video strips

I A video cutter program that you can edit and cut your video with

Required hardware:

I A camera

I A tripod (depending on what you want to film)

It is important that the start and the end of the video snippet look exactly the same (really, 100%!). This is the only way a smooth loop is guaranteed. You can for example choose a static shot and suddenly walk into the picture, like in the Berghof Hotel example. But don’t forget to walk out of the picture again, remember: start and end of the video snippet must match!

In addition to that, the video should not be too long, 5 to 10 seconds max. Too long videos take long to load which could cause people to leave the website and is definitely punished by Google (keyword: SEO!).

Why not try it for yourself?! Such video strips really impress people a lot and they are quite easy to produce. I wish you a lot of fun and success with it!


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