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Smart Cookie Banner Design: How To Get Your Cookies Accepted

smart cookie banner design

Since the CJEU judgment of October 1, 2019 (see my blog article about its effect on all websites in the EU), the term "cookies" is associated with headache among web designers and online marketers.

I implemented a legally compliant cookie consent banner solution for my customers. This means that all website visitors are informed about the type and use of cookies right from the start and have the option of only accepting technically necessary cookies or additional cookies for preferences, statistical and marketing purposes as well. In the data protection section of the website, the visitors are also informed which cookies are set specifically and how long they are stored. In addition, every website visitor can change his or her cookie settings easily at any time.


Since the use of legally compliant cookie consent banners, user numbers shown in Google Analytics have of course decreased. Not because there are fewer website visits, but because they are no longer tracked due to the lack of a cookie consent on the part of website visitors. This represents a massive problem for online marketers, who often feel threatened in their right to exist and therefore often ignore the cookie consent obligation and thus run into legal issues.

Well, it's a dilemma:

"Google Analytics in combination with a legally compliant cookie consent banner is like buying a Lamborghini and sneaking through the city at a speed of 30 km/h.“


Over time, you notice that more and more companies are becoming aware of their duty and are implementing legally compliant cookie consent banners on their websites. Fortunately, this goes hand in hand with a higher acceptance of cookies on the part of users, as I hear from online marketers.


I use Cookiebot for the legally compliant cookie consent solution for my website customers. For a few months now, Cookiebot has been offering more options for buttons in the cookie consent banner, which my customers benefit from.

Up until a few months ago, preference, statistics and marketing cookies had to be selected separately and be confirmed by a click on the "OK" button. At this time, the cookie consent topic was still relatively unknown and many users felt overwhelmed, which is why there was hardly any user consent. Hence: hardly any tracking in Google Analytics.

old cookie banner design

More options in the Cookiebot backend now allow for a much easier user consent: there are two buttons - one for "only technically necessary cookies", which I design in a subtle way, and one for "allow all cookies", which I design prominently for preference, statistics and marketing cookies altogether.

smart cookie banner design

If I take a closer look at the backend in the cookie consent solution on my customers' websites, I can see a significant increase in user consent (in green below).

cookie user consent

cookie user consent

cookie user consent

The user consent to all cookies (green) now exceeds the user consent to the only technically necessary cookies (red).


A smart cookie banner design significantly increases tracking in Google Analytics and thus helps your website analysis. Your online marketer will be delighted.


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