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Jimdo vs. Wix

People simply love podcasts! Couchgeplauder is a popular Austrian podcast - entertaining, informative, funny and packed with topics that are particularly interesting for young people.

Pauline Unterleitner is the young lady behind the podcast. She originally created the website for her podcast on Jimdo. However, a few weeks ago she moved her website to Wix. Reason enough to interview her and find out which platform is "better": Jimdo or Wix?

Pauline Unterleitner Couchgeplauder

Helene Clara Gamper: Hi Pauline, you have a podcast called Couchgeplauder - people love it and even Austria's no. 1 radio station Hitradio Ö3 presented it on their radio show. Tell me, what is Couchgeplauder all about?

Pauline Unterleitner: Couchgeplauder is about topics that concern young people. These are very different topics: It's about studying, the opinions of older people who may believe that a bachelor's degree is worthless, it's also about environmental issues, it's a lot about mindset and how you can shape your life better. It's all about sore points in young people's lives.

HCG: How did you come up with the idea for your podcast?

Pauline: I think I got the idea for the podcast because I just wanted something that was my own product. Something I can use to get my own ideas out there. Somehow I never thought of a blog or a podcast.

And so it just happened with the podcast. Literally over night I had the idea for the podcast, so to speak, and thought about what I would want to talk about. There are just so many topics that interest us young people - and I wanted to make these topics heard in my own podcast.

HCG: When did you launch Couchgeplauder?

Pauline: I started on 16 December 2019. It doesn't seem that long to me. Especially at the beginning, when you start a podcast, you are pretty clueless. You just start somehow and try to make the best of it and then you keep improving. I developed myself with the podcast and now I'm actually really happy the way it is.

HCG: Okay, so there is the podcast on all known podcast channels. But you also have a website for Couchgeplauder. You created it in Jimdo at the beginning, as far as I know. You switched from Jimdo to Wix a few months ago. How come? What specifically bothered you about Jimdo?

Pauline: Well, I've never been entirely satisfied with my Jimdo website. Of course, I had put an incredible amount of work into creating the website. Then it was done and I thought "okay, it actually looks pretty good". Of course you are proud of your own website, into which you have put so much heart and soul.

But when you compare it with other websites of bloggers and so on, you can see: Ooookaaaay, they all have great websites, it's all a coherent overall picture. Everything fits together in terms of layout and colors. These websites also fill the whole screen.

And with Jimdo I always had the feeling that there was a single block of text here and a single image there, for example. It just never really worked out. I always felt that my website was not a coherent appearance. That was the problem. Maybe I could have solved that with more Jimdo knowledge. But since I don't know how to program websites, I switched to Wix.

Pauline Unterleitner Couchgeplauder

What I really appreciate about Wix is that there are so many different layouts and so many options. Let me put it this way: It used to be noticed when someone had a super-good website. And today it is noticeable when someone has a poor website. And especially if you are young and want to address young people, you also have to have a product that is digitally valuable and looks high-quality.

With Wix, I can always customize my website, it's very quick and easy. I can choose from so many different shapes, colors and layouts and there is always something I like.

After I created my website on Wix, I showed it to a web designer friend of mine because I wanted honest feedback from someone who knew their stuff. He also said the website could be from a web designer. You don't see that the website is self-assembled from different blocks.

HCG: How did you feel about creating your new Wix website? Everything was certainly new and a completely different environment than Jimdo.

Pauline: I think Wix is easier because you see the website in the backend exactly as it looks like in live mode. And with all of the layouts to choose from, there's always something you like. In the end, you get a product that you are really satisfied with.

What I also like about my Wix website is the large image above, which spans the width of the screen and is still of great quality. In Jimdo, at least that's how I experienced it, I was only able to place smaller pictures. Maybe I could have solved that somehow. But my Jimdo website just never looked as high quality as my Wix website.

HCG: What special features have you implemented on your Wix website? Can I also listen to your podcast episodes there?

Pauline: On my website there is a big button "jetzt hören" (which translates "listen now") at the top right, which forwards people on to Spotify, there you can listen to the podcast episodes. Of course, I've also linked my social media channels on my website, such as Facebook or Instagram.

There's also an Instagram feed below that automatically fetches my Instagram posts. I think that's really cool. Then I also have a blog on my website that is super-easy to use. That makes the website a lot livelier.

HCG: A mobile phone website has been particularly important since September 2020. That was the time when Google switched to “mobile first indexing”. Since then, only the phone version is used for the Google ranking of a website. How have you been with the mobile version of your Wix website?

Pauline: That worked great, because you can already view the mobile version of the website in the editor. So you can see exactly what the website will look like on your mobile phone. I find that very practical, because Jimdo didn't have that (or I didn't discover it).

HCG: Speaking of SEO: How did you like the Wix SEO Wiz? Did you work with it?

Pauline: Yeah, that worked pretty well actually. Especially if you don't have any SEO experience yourself, this is a really practical tool that takes you by the hand and says "hey, here and there is still something to do and that's how it works". That was very helpful.

HCG: How is the response from your audience to your new website? How did people react?

Pauline: Everyone is thrilled! People think the website is really cool. Many friends think that they could never do this themselves. But I have to say: yes, if you spend a little time with it, anyone can do it! And that's the beauty of Wix: It's so easy to design your own website and you don't have to be a web designer or programmer. You just get a great website and a coherent overall picture.

HCG: If you could give points from 1 to 10, 1 point is poor and 10 points is very good: All in all, how is Jimdo doing, and how is Wix doing in your opinion?

Pauline: I would place Jimdo at 5 and Wix at 9.

HCG: Pauline, thank you for the interview and I wish you all the best with your podcast and your Wix website!

Pauline Unterleitner Couchgeplauder

"It used to be noticed when someone had a super-good website. And today it is noticeable when someone has a poor website."


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