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Cyber Tech Cloud: Sophisticated Website Design built on Wix

One of our side projects for the Business Design Boutique (to be launched in early 2023) features a stylish and modern website design for tech companies, inspired by the high-tech vibe of the CyberWeek in Tel Aviv which we attended in summer 2022 in Israel.

website design for it company

IT companies in particular have a hard time to find great multimedia assets for their websites as their products and services cannot be seen or touched. We solved this problem by integrating abstract video loops and photos into this website design to make invisible services look fresh and stylish.

Many people feel anxious or nervous when getting in touch with IT companies. We try to solve that problem by bridging the gap between IT and human beings by implementing smart design decisions.

We believe, tech-heavy businesses don’t always have to look strict, straight and square. This is why we added round corners to different design elements and used a friendly looking sans-serif font with minimal round edges. This gives an abstract business selling IT services a human touch and makes it look friendly. It contributes to bridging the gap between high-tech business solutions and the human clients.

wix website design for tech company

The embedded Google Map on this website design perfectly blends into the website’s overall look and feel and is in line with the branding. Green as the focus colour is used for the pinned address.

We decided to split up the copy in several, small bunches of text, added beautiful icons above them, used those icons as an anchor for a frame and implemented beautiful hover effects with an eye-catching call to action button - for an increased CTR (click-through-rate).

mobile website on wix

Implementing a chat box is a nice way to interact with website visitors in real-time (or even as a chatbot if you lack the manpower). For this Wix website, we made sure that the chat is designed in line with the rest of the website design.

How do you like this website design? Let us know in the comments below!


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