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5 Ideas for Using Audio Files in App Magazines

I assume you have heard the word "podcast" already, right? A podcast is a kind of mini radio show or mini audio book. Instead of reading something, somebody reads it out for you. Podcasts can be free or fee-based and you find them on the internet where you can stream them. Another option is to download podcasts so that you can listen to them on the go. Podcasts are becoming more and more popular worldwide.

This trend can also be utilised for app magazines. In this blog article, I show you 5 ideas of using audio files in app magazines:

TIP # 1

Almost all magazines come with an editorial letter or a foreword by the editor in chief. In addition to the text as such, this foreword can also be read out by an mp3 file. The editor in chief’s words read out by him-/herself in person gives the magazine a more personal touch and establishes a special connection to the reader.

TIP # 2

Interviews can be embedded as an audio file into the app too – in addition to the written text. This comes in handy as interviews are often recorded anyway in order to type them later on. So why not place the mp3 file into the app?

TIP # 3

If you publish manuals or tutorials in your app magazine, you could read them out with an audio file too. Here it’s important not to forget a pause function, though.

TIP # 4

Screen-filling photo stories look better and, most of all, more authentic when they are accompanied by supporting noises. A photo slideshow with woods and treeds seems more natural when it’s supported by bird tweeting. Or a photo gallery with cars, traffic and traffic jams comes across more authentic with the typical sound of traffic jams at rush hour. Picture and sound in harmony – this makes the reader fully grasp the topic.

A good source for such sounds, that I like to use, is for example.

audio file wood app magazine

TIP # 5

When covering event topics, background music can be a nice thing to have. However, consider any copyright infringements and make sure to get all legal right necessary to include the audio file into your app magazine. You might want to send an e-mail to the record label or the artist’s management for permission. Some artists are also happy with you putting an iTunes link into your app for you using their song.

background music iphone app magazine

By the way: Another advantage of embedding audio files into an app magazine is the small file size of mp3 files, especially compared to video files. Sound files don’t unnecessarily increase your app’s file size on your readers’ mobile devices.


You might have the best recording equipment already in your pocket or on your desk: your iPhone. You will be surprised of the iPhone’s audio quality! Even video crews often use iPhones to record sound.

For my own podcast, I record audio files with the built-in voice memo app of the iPhone and e-mail the mp3 file to myself afterwards. This audio file is already ready-to-use. If I like, I could also use an audio software (i.e. Audacity) to edit and cut the mp3 file accordingly.

memo app iphone

I wish you a lot of fun recording your audio files! For further questions on app magazines, simply send me an e-mail to .


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