My 5 Music Tips for Creative Working

5 music tips for creative working

I love music - whether it's pop, RnB, German hip hop, house, electro, soul or classical music. In my day-to-day work as a designer, music has an even bigger significance: it can actively improve my creativity and thus allow for even better design outputs.

In this article I will give you a little insight into my playlists and you will find out which music can be particularly useful in which situations. Maybe there is some musical inspiration for you too?

"The right music at the right time - so music is not an energy guzzler, but a useful creativity turbo."


A logo design or a holistic brand design requires a maximum of creativity. Trouble-free working without mail, telephone and annoying notifications on the smartphone is essential.

As a logo designer, I listen to classical instrumental music in order to really get the creative flow going. To be more precise, I listen to the music of Ludovico Einaudi from Italy. The protagonist of his music is always the piano.