Hello Dublin!

Many years ago, when I used to work as a DJ, I toured through India three times within one year. In the course of my India tours, I met Shubham (alias DJ Arsenik) from Dehli. We here and there worked together, became friends and stayed in touch over the last approx. ten years. In autumn 2019, I was happy to hear that he moved to Dublin. So I thought I’d visit him and he could show me around in the Irish capital. This is how I simply fell in love with Dublin in January 2020 - what a wonderful city!


At first, I wanted to get a rough overview of the city. So I jumped on the hop on hop off tourist bus.

Dublin’s famous Samuel Beckett Bridge, that looks like a harp, "plays" many beautiful colours at night which makes it look even more spectacular!

My city tour ended at the EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum. This is a place where storytelling is executed perfectly! A lot of multimedia and interactive features are offered to the visitors in order to learn more about the Irish identity and the reasons why they emigrated to the whole world. A great museum that you simply must see when you visit Dublin.


We could scent some rock’n’roll air in the Irish Rock’n’Roll Museum Experience. The fact that many rooms in the museum are still being used as rehearsal rooms for bands today, inspirits this museum even more. And even my very personal music hero Michael Jackson recorded some songs here that are still unpublished. Michael Jackson even bought a house in the neighbourhood of this museum.