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3 Fonts That I Find Great At The Moment

This blog article is about one of my favourite topics: typography.

typography my favourite fonts

My entire typography collection counts almost 2,400 fonts at the moment. Picking my personal favourites here would do my font library an injustice. Nonetheless, I want to introduce three fonts to you that I currently really like.


Finador comes in a slab and a sans serif style. By the way, serifs are the little feet at the bottom of a letter which make copy more reader-friendly - especially in large amounts of text. Finador was designed by Julien Fincker.

Finador Slab font
Finador slab font
Finador sans serif font

I like the geometric arrangement and the high x-height of the letters. The x-height marks the upper end of lowercase letters and, thus, contribute to the reading flow very much. The font is distinctive and powerful but does not overload your eyes.

I use a combination of Finador Slab Heavy for text and Finador Heavy for numbers in my latest campaign for my 10 years jubilee of HCG corporate designs:




Quint Uppercase is, as the name suggests, a font that comes in uppercase letters only. Take a closer look at the "Q", it somehow reminds me of a comic creature with only one leg. The "G" almost reminds me of a video replay button. Also the "R" and the "K" are special.

All in all, Quint Uppercase offers a good contrast between round and straight shapes. However, you should slightly expand the width between each letter when using this font.

Quint Uppercase font


TT Norms Std Condensed is a member of the TT Norms family. I bought this font because it transports simple clarity and strength despite being condensed. This makes TT Norms Std Condensed an ideal font for legal copy like T&Cs, privacy policy or disclaimer.

The font is slim, still uncongested as the letter spacing is quite wide. This shows an interesting and very well executed balance between "does not need much space" and "great readability".

TT Norms Std Condensed font

I’m looking forward to using some of these fonts in one of my upcoming projects.

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