The A-Z of Graphic Design

In this blog article, I’ll show you the A to Z of a graphic designer’s daily routine (or my routine). Enjoy ;-)

the A-Z of graphic design

A …. like Adobe. The US software giant has been setting the benchmark in the graphic design industry for years, with programs like Photoshop, Illustrator and more.

B …. like briefing; probably the most important and most detailed talk between the client and the designer/agency, which serves as the basis for any upcoming design work.

C …. like copyright. Copying logos is an absolute no-go and can cost companies a lot of money. Here you find out more about a sincere case.

D …. like digital publishing. Nowadays, it might be a really good idea to offer innovative rich media magazines as an app. I work with the Belgian software solution Twixl for this purpose.

E …. like editorial design. Designing print products like brochures and magazines is part of my regular business.

F …. like flat design, which can be seen everywhere since Windows 8. In this blog article from 2014, that was also featured on, I talk about the flat design trend (even though it was five years ago, it’s still relevant today) > the article is available in German language only.

G …. like gifographic. A gifographic is a gif-animated infographic and can be used in many different ways.

H … like hand-lettering, the art of drawing letters by hand. In a typography workshop conducted by Vienna-based Typejockeys, organised by WEI SRAUM Innsbruck, I made my first steps in drafting and drawing letters of my own font.

hand-lettering workshop