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In the course of creating the interactive and multimedia app magazine versions of "connecting comPETence" for PETnology/tecPET (Pielenhofen, Germany) three times a year (since 2015), I regularly face great advertisements from the print edition.

In this blog post, I want to share advertisements of two companies with you, because I find them simply great!


KHS advertisement 50 % less packaging

This advertisement of KHS is about 50 % less packaging. You can spot the missing letters in "50 % less packaging". A very interesting fact that I already talked about in this article on my website, was used here: If you leave out all vowels and only keep the consonants as well as the starting and ending letters of a word, the human brain can still correctly read the word. I also made use of this trick in the logo design for G.R. Kostenmanagement GmbH.


Otto Hofstetter is a Swiss company and consequently communicates the claim "Totally Swiss". The well-known quality image of Switzerland is communicated here excellently. Of course, some stereotypes also play a nice role here ;-) .

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