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An infographic card "from the heart"

Every year entrepreneurs ask themselves what kind of Christmas card they shall send their business partners and clients. So do I. Well, working in the creative industry, I have to admit that I really care about outstanding Christmas cards for my contacts. Tasty goodies alongside the cards have proven to be very well received in the past. A few years ago, I designed a Christmas card with an infographic style cookie recipe and self-baked cookies inside. People simply loved it.

This year, I wanted to work with an infographic element again and bring some attention to my new online shop which was launched earlier this year. (As per mid December 2018, the online shop is only available in German language. However, in 2019 the shop will also be made available in English language.) The idea was to split down my working hours into different categories and to visualise them in an easy-to-understand way. (The data source for this graphic was an excel spreadsheet I use every day to track my working hours per client project.) You can see the result here:

xmas card infographic

Christmas card infographic

Christmas card chocolate heart

The design was inspired by „Infografik light“ no. 3 in my online shop. A Lindt chocolate heart can be found inside the card, similar to a piece of Christmas tree decoration.

You would like to receive an amazing Christmas card too next year? Let’s talk about your next project and drop me a message. ;-) I’m looking forward to you!

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