6 Fonts that Make Me Happy

There are over 2,200 fonts in my digital font library at the moment. They include all-time classics, well-done newbies and outstanding specialities.

In this blog article I want to introduce you to six of the fonts that I currently like most:


Noyh is quite a new font which was developed by the Thai Chatnarong Jingsuphatada and published by Typesketchbook. It has a huge bandwidth of different styles (72 to be precise!) and combines a geometric, cool look with subtle round edges. This gives Noyh a nice and modern touch. Currently, Noyh is my absolute favourite in my font library.

By the way, a new, more rustic alternative has joined the family quite recently: Noyh A.

Noyh font

Combined with Noto Serif Bold (set in majuscules), Noyh looks wonderful, see an example here in one of my latest client projects:

Noyh and Noto Serif on a website