This White Temple inspires me

After a year of creative work, I pampered myself for 10 days in January in order to recharge my creative batteries. I went to Thailand and discovered a great source of inspiration: a white temple. The Thais call it "What Rong Khun"; Wat is Thai for "temple".

The renowned artist Chalermchai Kositpipat built this outstanding temple in the province of Chiang Rai aiming at bringing more tourists to the north of the country. Successfully! Even though an earthquake in spring 2014 left its mark (the snapped off temple roof’s top reminds you of it), many parts of the site could be repaired.

For somebody with a creative job like me, this white temple is an incredible source of inspiration. I could discover something new around every corner: the creatures from hell to the left and right of the entrance bridge, silver mirror elements reflecting the sunlight making the temple "glisten", tropical fish ponds, pop culture wall paintings inside the building (which I was not allowed to take photos of, unfortunately) etc. And not to forget: The gold-coloured toilet house!

white temple Thailand

white temple Thailand

white temple Thailand

the toilet next to the white temple

white temple Thailand

white temple Thailand

hell creatures

hell creatures

hands from hell

the snapped-off roof top

Copyright photos: Ashley Wiggins, Helene Clara Gamper

#thailand #temple #inspiration #holiday

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