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The cookie in the Christmas Card

Every year we all get showered with Christmas cards. I don’t know anybody who doesn’t react exactly like this: "Gosh, I chuck that anyway."

When you run your own business, you might ask yourself in this very moment too what kind of xmas card you should send to your loyal customers and business partners this year. What comes in handy is that printing companies ship out their brochures with numerous xmas card layouts to you. This is great because it makes you get rid of that annoying to-do. It’s fast, cheap and you don’t have to invest any brainpower in order to get a Christmas card. As an entrepreneur you have more important things to care about in your everyday life than Christmas cards, right?


What kind of Christmas cards will you send out this year? One that makes the recipients say "another one"?

Question: Have you ever kept a Christmas card - for years? And held it in your hands again every year? Probably not.

A few years ago, I created exactly such a Christmas infographic card for my clients and business partners. (The design was based on my HCG branding that I had back then.)

xmas card infographic cookie
xmas card infographic cookie
xmas card infographic cookie

This recipe infographic shows a delicious cookie recipe incl. step-by-step baking instructions on the front page, the ingredients list and a personal message from me on the inside. And most importantly: When opening the Christmas card, you could see a little pouch with cookies baked by myself - with love. My clients and business partners could taste the yummie cookies before they went on to bake them themselves.

This was quite time-consuming, yes. But it was so successful, that some clients even called me in person to thank me. Never before they had received such an outstanding Christmas card, made with so much love, based on such a unique idea.

This is a xmas card that you keep and hold in your hands whenever you bake cookies before Christmas.

If you, too, want to send such an unforgettable Christmas card to your clients and business partners, contact me. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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