Please no more boring card designs

I already wrote about card designs in an older blog article. Most of us see card designs and micro content day in, day out. This is why many of us don’t experience them as something to really look at any more, because many card designs look too similar. But this does not have to be like that. Micro content can also be desigend in a more sophisticated way that makes you want to do something – like click on it. So: Please no more boring card designs! Here you see some refreshingly good examples of how card designs can look like:


Orange card design

Card design combined with micro infographics – my graphic designer heart is beating faster ☺ Very well executed and perfect for Orange.


Nike card design

Another example of cards without gaps in between is the website of Nike. Beautiful, bold and strong – that of course only works with excellent photo material.

HCG corporate designs

HCG corporate designs card design

My website (here you see a screenshot of my portfolio page) shows informative card designs with rollover effects. The different colours on the left side of the cards stand for different service categories I offer: red for corporate designs, blue for editorial design (print), turquoise for app magazines and yellow for infographics. There are matching micro content cards for social media too.

card design red