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As you can see, HCG corporate designs comes with a completely new look since February 2016. Because: Businesses evolve, and so does mine. My design services have become more and more distinctive since 2010, this is now visible in the new branding.

The logo symbolizes the "common thread" that runs through my designs. The letters are clear and to the point, strong and reduced to the essential, without any clutter. Furthermore, the logo’s width supports a vertical flow of a concept / of the common thread in a subtle way. The design services "corporate design", "infographic", "editorial design" and "app magazines" now have their own colours which make them more distinctive and clear.

business card corporate design

The claim "Designs for Digital and Print" is short and to the point.

Over the years, I have written several whitepapers and made many videos that feature useful tips and tricks about graphic design, advertising and publishing. This content is very much in demand, which is why I am very happy to have made the most-loved whitepapers available on my website for free.

Also, my website is now optimized for smart phones too; handy for on-the-go. How do you like the new look and the new website? I would appreciate your feedback via Twitter.

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