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Plasticine Sculptures: Taking over from illustrations?

Illustrations are great. You’ll find out how great, once you enquire about an offer for the same where the price knocks you off your feet. Don’t get me wrong, illustrations that tell a story and do not just look like children paintings are wonderful and I’m a big fan of this. But, plasticine sculptures should become the next „big thing“ I think! More oomph, more fun and all that in a real, three-dimensional sculpture. I can only say: Thumbs up for plasticine!

plasticine donut

(Source: Neon magazine, sculpture by Sebastian Haslauer)

nicorette plasticine

Nicorette children campaign (DRAFTFCB KOBZA; Bronze Epica Award 2007)

land rover freelancer plasticine

Land Rover Freelancer (TV spot)

plasticine tree


car plasticine

Answer Car Insurance

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