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My (current) 24 favourite fonts - part 2

Today I show you part two of my (current) 24 favourite fonts that I picked from my font "stock" of 1300 fonts altogether. I ordered the fonts alphabetically, not by my personal taste.

DANIEL (Great handwriting, good readability and supports fast reading.):

font daniel

ENRIQUETA (Very good readability, a bit edgy but still timeless.):

font enriqueta

GEARED SLAB (A high grey level but great for headers, short text, quotes etc.):

font geared slab

HEADLINER NO. 45 (Rough, strong, loud, a real eye-catcher, also suitable for Vintage projects.):

headliner no 45

MAGESTA SCRIPT MIX (Mysterious, suitable for Vintage projects.):

font magesta script mix

MARLON BOOK DB (Very good readability due to high minuscules.):

marlon book db font

METROPOLIS 1920 (A font that I have seen quite often lately. Used with care, it looks elegant especially with 2-coloured projects.):

metropolis 1920 font

MISSION SCRIPT (Clear, strong, great handwriting.):

font mission script

Example: I used Mission Script as an eye-catching design element in an online advertising campaign for a newsletter as well as a landing page.

mission script in newsletter

mission script in landing page

MOSAIC LEAF (Goes well with nature themes on big billboards.):

font mosaic leaf

PEA CARRIE SCRIPT (Very good for food packagings – natural, healthy products. The minuscule height in relation to the majuscule height is interesting here.):

font pea carrie script

PUPCAT (Minuscules and majuscules have almost the same height what creates an interesting effect.):

font pupcat

Example: I used Pupcat for an exclusive olive oil packaging to support the nature theme.

pupcat olive oil packaging

SAHARA (The shadow creates a 3D effect, great for headers, a good choice for Vintage projects.):

font sahara

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